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If you’ve just landed and this is your first visit, you’ve arrived at the website of me, David (aka Oddly Active if you found me on twitter or via FB), a would-be writer and occasional ranter living in Kent. I hope you like what you find here, and feel free to drop in any time.

If you’ve been before it’s lovely2CU again, and thank you for taking time out of your undoubtedly busy schedule to revisit. Virtual tea and biscuits can be found in the usual place. I’ve had to put a lock on the drinks cabinet as Ben, my son, found it, but ask one of the many Geisha and they’ll be happy to fetch the key.

This site is sort of a work in progress, containing my disjointed blog ramblings on things I know nothing about (including my family and other animals) and all sorts of other misinformation in the ‘Lies Lies Lies’ section that appears when you hover over ‘Blog / News’ in the main menu. There’s also some prose and poetry which I tend to forget to update, and a few bits about me, my life and son for anyone interested.


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